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Who We Are?

We help our clients solve their business challenges through digital transformation.

Therefore, our team of strategic thinkers, content makers, and innovative technologists tends to be aware of the latest developments and technology that we talk about as if it were a second language. Our team at GW Corporate Service works quickly and efficiently while maintaining excellent quality, and strategic thinking, and budget management.


Our goal is to understand the importance of growing brand awareness through social media presence, and we look forward to providing our clients with great satisfaction for all services rendered. For over a year, we have been providing exceptional service of the finest quality of all our services. We have been working with clients from various industries and understand the requirements of each company. We provide our clients with: Service authenticity, reliability, and honesty which are the hallmarks of every area of our agency's work. A conscious promotion system with the best standards of quality and effectiveness.
We tend to immerse ourselves in our clients' businesses and industries, developing a common vision to achieve common goals.

The Greatest people.

Our Team

Mohamed R. Al Dhaheri

General Manager

Feras Zaiter


Lorna May Opeña

Executive Secretary

Minerva Alnofouri

Marketing Specialist

Hala Darwish

Graphic Designer

Razan Qasem


Ahmed Alshami


Sultan Shekh Alhara

Cameraman Assistant

Abed Mohamed

Web Developer